Frequently asked questions

How do I stream my wedding?Will the Shaadi Mubarak team do it for us?

We will host the live stream of your wedding on the website you will select from Shaadi Mubarak. However, you will need a videographer or a friend physically present at the ceremony, who’ll connect to your selected website and shoot the footage live. Currently we support Zoom Youtube live, Google Meet and Discord.

What is the process of getting your own wedding website on Shaadi Mubarak?

The process is fairly simple, you just have to select a template from our Collection, if you want we can make changes according to your taste and that's all you have to do, your website will be live in no time.

Some of our guests are not tech-savvy, is there anything to make sure their experience is smooth?

Our team member will be present online to help all your guests who will join the chat with any issues they may have.

Do our guests need to install high speed internet?

It's good to have high speed internet, it will make the experience seamless but they won’t need more than what they use regularly.

Is there any option to send gifts and shagun money?

Yes indeed, guests will be able to choose the gifts from the website itself and they can send shagun too. Along with that, we plan to introduce gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket and Pepperfry.